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What is with the Ducks?

March 7, 2013

Dear Friends,

What’s with these ducks? The lifesaver ducks are a new pilot program that the AHA designed to give student’s badges of honor to wear around during Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart.

I had the chance to visit with Coach Sweet at Willard Orchard Hills. His school was one of our pilot schools for this program and here’s what he had to say about it:

Unlike the regular thank you gifts, these can be given immediately to students! We shipped our pilot schools a bunch of Quacky and Ninja ducks to get them started. Like you may have seen in the video above (if you can watch youtube videos at school), we asked students to raise at least $10 to get Quacky and their Lanyard. With our pilot schools, we shared that any online donation would earn them a ninja duck! We consuqently ran out of ninja ducks a lot quicker than anyone expected and have had to replace them with our Angry Bird ducks.

I liked Coach Sweet’s stance of encouraging a minimum donation for the Ninja Duck of $10 so kids could get two ducks in one effort!

Because this program has been so incredibly successful with our pilot schools, we are offering it to any remaining schools that have yet to start their events this year. Instead of the full four ducks, we’ve found two to be the magic number. I have plenty of quacky and angry bird ducks heading my way to my office as you read this so if you’d like to use them this year, post me a comment below!

What do you think of these ducks? Do you want to use them later this year or next year if you are already done with your event? Give your honest feedback! I can say I wasn’t originally sold on them until I realized that kids legitimately treated them like badges of honor and they really have inspired growth in the number of participants at our pilot schools!

  1. Joe Brandenburg permalink

    The ducks were a great success in our school. Once the kids saw just one duck roaming the hall, they all seemed really determined to start collecting. The ducks were a great idea and an awesome way to motivate the students. Joe Brandenburg-Palmyra Elementary

  2. This year for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Days I used theme ducks as a reward for behavior. I found the same response. The students LOVE the ducks, and if they have to earn them, all the better. I will look to this for my AHA event next school year.

  3. Jenny Peterson permalink

    I LOVE the Ducks! I’ve chose to do a non-traditional event w/out the traditional prizes. Instead we are doing things like lunch with the teacher, extra PE time, etc…. But the ducks sound like a fun motivator!! I liked the idea of the ‘online’ duck. My daughter’s girl scouts did something like that and if it wasn’t for the ‘duck reward’ we wouldn’t have done the online ordering.

  4. Lisa Leach permalink

    I am definitely interested in using the ducks next year. I think it will keep the students more motivated. I like the fact that they have to earn them.

  5. Kris Gilman permalink

    Are the ducks little rubber ducks? It sounds like they might be a new way to motivate students to collect at least $10. I do different jump clubs for $25, $50, $75, $100 with the ducks I could have the $10 duck club!

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